In the field of Business, I present Keynote Speeches and offer eclectic workshops and events for employees, top management, and executives boards.

In the field of Education, I implement rhythm-based learning methods, trainings and courses for teachers, educators and art therapists.

my Training approach

I have developed a rhythm-based training approach, leading the participants through a meaningful learning experiences, and a unique challenge of self and team work. My workshops are designed as school of personal, social and future skills, through the power of art.

Grow Game for Teams

Personal and team growth training - for teams, departments, leaders;  teachers, educators, students of all levels - leading participants through a deep artistic and rhythmic experience and a unique challenge of self-discovery and self-expression, body language, communication, cooperation, unity, creativity and fun. The Game is designed to develop personal, social, managerial or leadership skills in a unique way.

Teacher / Leader Academy

The Art of Living - Personal Social and Future Skills through Arts.

Course, training and unique tools for leaders in the field of business and education

1 We are the Rhythm.

2 When body moves, brain grooves.

3 Operation Contemplation.

4 From Me to We. Creative cooperation.

Detailed Curriculum 👉🏾 Menu 👉🏼 Teachers Academy offer

Rhythmic Method ⓒ

 Designed for everyone to awaken the rhythm within, and experience the integrative power of rhythm.  A powerful technique for improving the brain by increasing its cognitive abilities such as: memory; concentration; spatial and creative thinking; reaction speed, attention. And a unique method for developing neuroplasticity and unlocking multiple intelligences in the original way. 

Train the Trainers

An advanced training how to apply the my Rhythmic Method© to working with groups. Participants are coached in using the unique rhythmic-dance-vocal method, then go on to co-create, manage, and finally perform with their students or "audience" as an integrated team or orchestra.

Grow with-in Rhythm

If you want to 

  1. experience the power of art-based ritual, communication, cooperation and synergy in a fun and unique way 
  2. experience the integrative power of rhythm and rich rhythm imagery 
  3. bring body into rhythm through mindful and imaginative movement
  4. energize and invigorate yourself and your team
  5. calm mind and take a break from thoughts 
  6. experience rhythmical relaxation
  7. stimulate your brain, neroplasticity and cognitive ability
  8. awaken the rhythm within, become a rhythm composer
  9. experience rhythmic flow and improvisation
  10. practice focusing your attention with the help of rhythm 
  11. challange your concentration
  12. challange team communication, cooperation and innovation 

then Grow Game and the Rhythmic Method © is perfect for you! 

Boomwhackers Orchestra

A spectacular ‘show’ that transforms participants of any event or conference into an orchestra of a thousand colorful sounds. The participants are transformed into an Orchestra with the experience of the power of harmony.

Drums and more Orchestras

Events utilizing drums and a collection of percussion instruments or body percussion. It injects joyful energy, encourages group integration, and a collaborative experience during company meetings, conferences, or cultural events.  The participants are transformed into an Orchestra with the experience of the power of synergy or harmony.