Welcome to the School of rhythms

A unique adventure with the Art of Rhythms for all

Learning through the power of rhythms and habits ✰ movement and consciousness of the body ✰ emotions and imagination ✰ sounds and silence ✰ contemplation and nature ✰ self-discovery and creative team work ✰ orchestration and cross-cultural-disciplinary harmony.

Piotr Gospodarczyk

I am passionate and deeply interested in rhythms, their meaning, and their role in human life. Rhythm is, for me, a school of wisdom. I dedicate this work to Therese of Lisieux.

Eclectic Workshops

Rhythm-based personal and team growth trainings that lead the participants through a deep artistic experiences and a unique challenge of self-discovery, team work, cooperation, creativity, unity, and fun.

Rhythmic Method ©

Designed for everyone to awaken the rhythm within, experience the integrative power of rhythm, strengthen concentration, boost attention span and inner focus, develop neuroplasticity, and unlock creativity.

Interactive Concerts

Bonding experiences in which participants are guided through the process of co-creating orchestras, and drawing inspirations, insights and solutions from this experience. Depending on the event's context.